Do you want better and clearer sound?
JABES amplifies 20 times bigger than the original body sound. With the frequency mode selector, you can listen to clearer body sound.
Uses: Medical practices (Doctors, Nurses), Military, Veterinary, Emergencies.

Do you want the upgraded practice or study environment?
JABES help you listen and visualize the sound. With free 50 standardized normal and abnormal body sound data samples, you can easily compare the patient's sound with it. Also, you can save the patient's record and the sounds into a database for better patient management with JABES Analyzer S/W
Uses: Medical Educations (Doctors, Nurses, Residents and Schools)

The future for every home
JABES not only monitor the body sound but also can counts the heart rate. It supports the future tele-medicine environments. You can record and save the own body sound into the database. JABES can help the patients who have difficulty to move from home to the hospital.
Uses: Family members of the patients, Care homes, Retirement villages

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